A number of our instruments had major water damage from a dishwasher valve malfunction when we were on vacation. 


Tablets, digital electric pianos, button boxes and of course my concertinas were severely water damaged.


This has been the most stressful and disheartening process we have been through yet, and yes, while we realize it’s temporary, and could have been so much worse, it has still been exhausting.


We have unfortunately confirmed various band items, and my Bb Lukes concertina are all non-salvageable. We have been touched by so many kind words and people reaching out with the question, "How can we help"?


After talking to a number of fellow musicians, they have suggested to set up ways for our friends to help us out in this time of need. This isn't anything we thought we would ever do, but if you would like to help, just click on the "DONATE" button.

If you would prefer to send something in the mail, please send an IM to Gary or Brianne -- https://www.facebook.com/gary.brueggen


Again, we are truly touched and honored for everyone who has reached out asking how we are all doing, and holding up, and willing to help where needed. We are sincerely touched by all of this and know we are forever grateful for all of you, our friends and family as we look forward to performing soon.

God Bless and thank you all again!! We love you! Stay safe and well.