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The first single released features all 3 of their children singing "Nuttin' for Christmas" along with Gary on concertina and bass and his wife Brianne on piano, along with their 10-year old son Mason on the drums, 6-year old Matti and their 4-year old son Maverick.


The 2nd single, Shake Me I Rattle Waltz, was recorded a number of years ago with the Don Peachey Band and his daughter Mary sang it.  Still is a favorite of Gary's and they hope you will enjoy their version of it. This one is also special as it features their 6-year old daughter Matelynn (Matti) on the lead vocals, and Gary's wife Brianne adding the harmony parts on the chorus.


#1 -- Nuttin' for Christmas - 2:33

#2 -- Shake Me I Rattle Waltz - 3:52

Merry Christmas from The Brueggen Family Band

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